ChevronWP7 team working with Microsoft on supported home brew development


23, 2011

Author Surur // in News

226629545We have finally had some feedback from the ChevronWP7 team’s meeting (apparently two full-day meet-ups) with Microsoft, and it is mostly good news.

While most of the discussions are under NDA, the final outcome of the discussions was that Microsoft would support an official route for homebrew applications.

They write:

To fill this short-term gap, we’re collaborating with Microsoft on an interim solution that will continue to support homebrew developments after the update. We will share details of this when it has been finalized.

They wrote that the final solution would also prioritize the protection of intellectual property and platform security, but that they ultimately wanted to work towards the “long-term solutions… of broadening access to the platform”.

Of note however for Windows Phone 7 fans is that  they were “genuinely excited by many of the forward-looking presentations”, which we hope means good things are on the way for future Windows Phone 7 updates.

Read the full report at chevronWP7 here.


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