Checkout this Share Contacts app!


25, 2015

If you use Windows Phone than you probably know that when it comes to sharing contacts over text messages, your options are pretty limited. You can share contacts over mms, emails but unfortunately not sms. To aid you in the task, there are many apps available on the Windows Phone store, most of which don’t work for me while those that do, don’t really have a nice user experience.

But there’s one app that recently got enlisted in the Windows Phone store and fixed all these issues. It’s called “Shared Contacts” by Mungo Labs and is available for FREE. Here’s it’s description by the developer:

Have you ever had to share a contact via SMS and realized that this is impossible in Windows Phone? Well, than this app is just for you! Now you can easily share contact(s) over text message using this Share Contacts app.

It fairly easy and all you have to do is:

  1. Select contacts to share
  2. Select their information to share
  3. Text away!

For a quick how-to on using the Share Contacts app, you can checkout this tutorial. Otherwise, you can directly go to the Windows Phone store and download the app for FREE.

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