Check Out Xbook, A Portable Xbox One You Can Own For $1500


14, 2014

If you want to take Xbox One gaming experience wherever you go, you now have a solution. You can buy XBOOK One, which is a portable Xbox One from Console modder Ed Zarick. XBOOK ONE comes with a 22 inch Vizio 1080p LED television, an upgrade from the XBOOK 360’s 19 inch 720p LCD monitor.

Also the device is made of vinyl casing, 3D printed customized color components, a front slot-loading disc drive, and all of the cable connections intact on the backside of the unit. If needed, you can connect your Kinect sensor externally.


XBOOK ONE 500GB with Kinect – $1,495.00

XBOOK ONE 500GB w/o Kinect – $1,395.00

XBOOK ONE (You provide xbox one) – 1,095.00

to include HDMI Out   –  $50.00

Flat Rate Shipping of $75.00 to 48 US States Please contact me first if your international or at a APO or similar.

Read about it in detail here.

via: Slashgear

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