Check Out This Circular Apple Watch Design Concept

Few days back, Apple announced their first wearable device Apple Watch at a press event. Even though Apple demoed the device on stage, the device will go on sale only in 2015. Apple also didn’t reveal price of all the models and more importantly battery life of this device. Apple Watch is a rectangular shaped device as opposed to the beautiful looking circular Moto 360 device. UX and UI designer Alcion came up with a love child of Apple Watch and Moto 360. You can see his creation below. You can also check out Microsoft smartwatch concept here.

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In the recent past, we have heard various rumors about Microsoft developing its own smart watch. WSJ reported that Microsoft has requested 1.5-inch displays from component makers as per an executive at a component supplier. Another report claimed that Microsoft’s smartwatch prototypes which are now being part of Surface team is making variety of removable wrist bands in blue, red, yellow, black, white, and grey colors for smartwatches. Also these prototypes were reported to be made of Oxynitride Aluminum, an expensive “translucent aluminum” that is said to be three times harder than glass. This reported smartwatch will work not only with Windows Phone devices, but with other Android and iOS devices as well.

Recently, Tom’s Hardware reported some new information about Microsoft’s Smartwatch(they claim it to be smart band). The device is cross-platform compatible and the display of the device will be on the inside of the wrist as opposed to the outside. It will look like a Slim band design that is said to resemble a thinner, flatter version of the Nike Fuelband. It includes 10 sensors and is powered by chips from TI and Atmel. Launch is expected in October with Open APIs for developers.

Last month, Winsupersite reported some information based on their sources,

  • Microsoft will release Samsung Gear Fit-like fitness band this fall.
    This can display smart phone-based notifications.
    It will work with all smartphone platforms. iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
    Pricing will be around $199.
    The device is focused on fitness with integration into Bing Health and Fitness app and Microsoft HealthVault.
    Will be on sale in Q4 2014.