Check Out The Story Of Lara Eurdolian, Skype’s Beauty Ambassador


15, 2014

Skype Beauty AmbassadorMicrosoft Skype has chosen hyper-connected beauty blogger Lara Eurdolian as their Beauty Ambassador. New York-based Lara is a blogger of fashion industry and she shares it on She also runs a company that mainly depend on Skype for their everyday communication. When asked about whether she uses Skype everyday, she said the following,

Often with collaborations it’s great for updating clients and members of my team on where we are with timelines. For instance, in a previous partnership, bloggers across different categories (I was picked for beauty) were asked to design a wrap for their car. I was on a road trip at the time from LA to San Francisco and was using Skype to give my feedback and comments to my designer so we could create mine.

She is also a Program Director for Family-to-Family a national non-profit hunger and poverty relief organization that “creates a bridge between communities with ‘more’ and some of our country’s poorest areas.”

In bringing together all of the different people to make the program work, Lara says,  “Skype helps me organize the drives and event details using group video calling to keep in constant contact with my team.” As for now becoming the new Skype Beauty Ambassador, she says she plans to share “everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about the beauty industry and more.” She also wants to dig deeper into intriguing subjects like beauty rituals around the world.

She concludes, “My website is called Pretty Connected because of all the amazing experts and brands I’m connected to and want to share with my readers. I can’t wait to collaborate with like-minded beauty enthusiasts over Skype – the options are endless!”

Read her whole story at Skype blog.

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