Check Out Microsoft Bing’s “Firework Index” To Know Which States In The US Are More Interested In Fireworks



Every July 4th on Independence Day, there will be a spike in people across the US who search for “fireworks” on Bing. Microsoft Bing team decided to study the data to get new insights about it. For that, they created a “firework index” which is the number of searches containing the phrase “fireworks” divided by the total number of searches (for a given location on a given day) and they take this index as correlating to the general level of interest in fireworks. Find the result below. The striking thing you can notice is that southern portion of the country has a relatively mild interest in the fireworks.

Bing Firework Index

The least interested fireworks enthusiasts call Louisiana and Mississippi home. The Northeast appears to be home to the most rabid firework fans.  The most fervent firework searchers can be found in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

On the west coast, Washington State stands out as the most enthusiastic regarding fireworks.  Perhaps this is to be expected given the relatively light firework regulations.  Speaking of regulations, according to the US Government, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, and Vermont are only allowed sparklers and other novelties.  That doesn’t deter the residents of those states from searching up and down for fireworks.  Although they can’t purchase fireworks, the interest is there as Vermont, Ohio, and Maine are greater than one standard deviation above the mean firework index.

Read more about it from Bing blogs.

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