Check Out How Williston Northampton School Is Empowering Students And Educators With Surface Pro 3

Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts which is home to 80 middle school students and 450 upper school students representing 27 U.S. states and 27 countries has chosen Surface Pro as their device for their students and the faculty. This empowers students and educators with 1:1 learning.

“We have tried and tested different products from different vendors, [but] we settled quite quickly on the Microsoft Surface device,” says Paul Wade, ICT Support Manager at St. Mary’s College. “The key issues for us were the ease of use, the fact that they are so intuitive, the fact that they are so user friendly and really the fact that the pupils and the staff using them don’t need that much support and don’t need that much training.”

So, instead of trudging to school uphill both ways in the snow with a 20-pound backpack, kids these days are “enlightened students” – reading, writing, and creating all on one innovative, lightweight computing device like Microsoft Surface.

Read more about how the Surface helps Williston and other schools on the Microsoft in Education blog.

You can order Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft Store today.