Check Out How Microsoft Surface Pro And Xbox Help A Man Overcome His Life-changing Injury

Tyler Schrenk was paralyzed from the neck down in a diving accident two years ago, and since then his daily activities became a lot more challenging. Thanks to Microsoft software engineer Jose Blakeley whom he met in a Church last year, he became aware of Windows speech recognition. To make use of it, he bought Microsoft Surface running Windows 8 to use for his daily activities.

Using his voice, Schrenk operates a variety of Microsoft products and services – Internet Explorer, Bing, Outlook, Word and Excel. Now, he uses his tablet for a growing number of tasks: an Excel spreadsheet to track his caloric intake; Outlook to send email; and Internet Explorer to keep track of his fantasy football league, and follow his favorite teams: the Seattle Seahawks and University of Washington Huskies.

Not just Surface, he also uses Xbox One with Kinect. Since the whole system is voice enabled, he can now enjoy TV and entertainment experience through the power of Kinect using his voice.

Sinclair explains that in the future, technology like Kinect has the potential to be transformative for people with disabilities because of its responsiveness, from creating a natural form of interaction for children with autism who might otherwise withdraw, to a Kinect-enabled American Sign Language translator that produces a text interpretation of gestures and vice versa.

While none of these outcomes are a core design goal of Kinect, the attributes inherent in the technology create a range of possibilities to improve the communication and quality of life for people with disabilities, he adds.

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