CheBanca!’s WoW e-wallet can now be used to pay for parking in Rome

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Italian retail bank CheBanca! has announced that their WoWe-wallet now supports paying for parking in Rome.

CheBanca!’s app pulls together diverse sources of funds such as PayPal or your CheBanca! account, and lets you pay electronically for bills, phone cards and credit, and even make payments via QR Codes or transfer money.

The services supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone and can be used by non-CheBanca! customers as long as they use PayPal.

To use the app to pay for parking drivers simply need to enter the code of the area where they want to park, their vehicle number plate and how long they want to stay. They can then extend the duration of the stay with a simple tap of their smartphone.

To encourage first time users CheBanca customers will be offered a EUR 3 discount the first time they park in one of Rome’s blue zone areas until 30 November.

See screen shots of the app below:

The Windows Phone app can be found in the store here.

WoW CheBanca!
WoW CheBanca!
Developer: CheBanca S.p.A.
Price: Free