Cheaper PS4 Experiencing Hardware Issues Already



Many mainstream news outlets are reporting on users having hardware problems with Sony’s PS4.  The problem got bad enough where Sony’s President of PlayStation, Shuhei Yoshida, took to twitter to release a statement:

“Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues. The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents.”

The current PR spin by Sony is that these problems are only being experienced by users who received the PS4 earlier then the general public.  However, this may be a hint of the lack of quality control going on in the Sony production line. A cheaper console has its consequences, and one of these may have been a more relaxed quality control to save money.

Kotaku, in their PS4 review, noted their first console did not work at all, and had to subsequently go procure another console.  Many users on Reddit are also complaining of issues with the PS4.  User “arogon” reports:

“When I turn on my console it just sits there pulsing blue. As far as I can tell it is supposed to turn white but it isn’t doing that. There is no signal on my tv either. I talked to at least 5 tech support people on the phone and 1 on-line. All of them but two outright refused to help me saying that the console is not yet released and they can’t help me. Two of the tech tried to help me boot it up into safe mode and that failed. At that point they both told me to call back Friday. I have the video of my initial boot up here: if you want I can make a new video better explaining my problem.”

Yahoo reported having WiFi issues with their console, and the software crashing multiple times.  Users of popular gaming forum NeoGaf are also angrily posting issues with their PS4.

Sony is no stranger to manufacturing devices, TVs, CD Players, Laptops, consoles, and the list goes on and on.  Its interesting that they are experiencing such issues at a critical launch for the company.  One possibility is that they may have outsourced some components or possibly all of the manufacturing in an effort to produce a cheaper console in an effort to try to better compete with Microsoft and a lackluster worldwide economy.

While Sony may have won some early PR battles, it is clear they have a tough road ahead of them.  Microsoft is no stranger to hardware issues either, having had a host of them on the Xbox 360.  However, I think there is much less room for mistake with this generation of the console wars, and by all accounts it appears the hardware is something Microsoft has nailed down quite well for the Xbox One.

If you have an expensive brick on your hands, might as well do some target practice:

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Source: Yahoo

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