After more than half a century it appears spinning hard disk drives in PCs may on the way out, as SSD costs plummet.

This is according a prediction by none other than Nidec, the manufacturer of the motors of over 85% of HDD.

They report this year will see HDD shipments nearly half from 124 million units in 2018 to 65 million units in 2019. This is on top of a more gradual decline from 289 million units shipped in 2013, likely led by the declining PC market.

On this occasion, the transition is being prompted by falling SSD prices with the solid-state with 1 TB SSD being available for close to $100. Even Intel’s 1TB 660P NVMe SSD has been on sale as little as $101.99.

SSDs are now cheap for both OEMs and consumers, and while HDD are still cheaper in bulk, like thumb drivers replacing floppy disks, the time may have come for another spinning storage medium.

Via ZDNet