Charming article on choosing Windows Phone

 iPhone offers notifications, but what’s actually going on remains a mystery.  Android offers widgets, but their implementation is a mess.  Windows Phone offers live tiles, which are windows, not just into the phone, but into the big wide world.

Trevor from the Spillwaybrain blog has written a rather charming article explaining why he chose Windows Phone 7 over iPhone and Android after having tried all three. While he is not taking part in our contest, I think his would have made a pretty good entry.

In the end it came down to Windows and Doors.  While the other operating systems only offered doors to other experiences (apps), Windows Phone 7 offered, via the Live Tile user interface, Windows into data and applications which could be reached without having to go into and out of applications, and which did not destroy your system like the widget overload on Android phones.

Trevor writes:

It’s a better way to do it. It really is the evolution of the Windows brand, and fundamentally it gets back to what Windows was all about in the first place. Letting you look into your technology, or out into the wider world.

And the whole ecosystem is going this way. Windows Phone, Xbox, and Windows 8 – all are going to Metro UI, all adopting live tiles and connectivity in a way that makes it easier to immediately gain access to information and interact with technology.

So why do I like Windows Phone? Because it gets back to the original Windows philosophy, the idea that charmed me back in the beige box days. I want to see something open when I look at my technology—not just a bunch of closed doors.

The article, which contains many more illustrations, is definitely worth a read here.