Changes Between Windows 10 Preview Build 9879 And Build 9860 Demoed On Video

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Earlier this week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 9879 to Windows Insiders. It included some key changes which are listed below,

  • With 9879 you can now hide the Search or Task View buttons on the taskbar. Just right-click on the taskbar and uncheck the check boxes for whichever button you want to hide.
  • New minimize and restore animations for apps got updated.
  • Microsoft has replaced the 3 dots in the Window chrome for modern apps with a “hamburger-style” icon (three lines) that they believe will make it easier to discover.
  • OneDrive syncing behavior changed.
  • And more.

Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager for Web Platform and Tools at Microsoft recently published a video to demo the changes between the Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9860 and the latest 9879 that just came out. Watch the video demo above.

Read the complete list of features and changes in Windows 10 Build 9879 here.