CES: New LG Phones

Apart from the LG eXpo, a few other devices have been showcased at CES.

The GW550 has VPN support, a 2.4” QVGA (landscape) display, full QWERTY keyboard, A-GPS, Wi-Fi and a 3.2MP camera, running WM6.5 Standard.


The LG GM750 is similar to the original Samsung Omnia in design, and features a similar WQVGA touch screen, along with  A-GPS, Wi-Fi and a 5MP camera. This is backed up by WM6.5 Professional and LGs S-Class UI.


Along with those WM devices, there are a few “dumb” phones and the LG GW990, on which there are very few details. It features a 4.8” screen and an Atom processor. Not much else is known, though LG says there’ll be more information later.


Apart from the device with no information, LGs WM6.5 devices seem fairly standard, and slightly low on the spec front.

Via BGR.