CES: app performance improvements “hard to quantify”

In an interview with CNET, Microsoft mobile communications director Aaron Woodman talked about the upcoming performance-enhancing updates to WP7, calling them “hard to quantify” while maintaining that performance increases would be notable across the board:

All apps will get better. Some apps will get incrementally better, games will get a lot better, and some games will get exponentially better.

In particular, more graphically demanding applications – like games – will see great improvements. Speed increases for less demanding, text-based apps would be less obvious, and improvements to streaming services may not be noticeable at all, as the speed bottleneck is caused by download speeds rather than actual phone performances.

Anandtech have run some tests, and recorded some great improvements.

Performance Improvement – App Load Time Difference
Bejweled 16.9 seconds
Fruit Ninja 6.2 seconds
ilomilo 5.1 seconds
Xbox Live Extras 8.2 seconds

Given that long app load times have been a major blemish on WP7’s otherwise smooth, fast user experience, it’s good to see Microsoft correcting these issues. Most importantly, there will be no changes to how apps are written –

A breakdown of the interview can be read over at CNET here.

No release date has yet been announced for the update.