CDMA Treo Pro coming?



 A Chinese News website is reporting not only that HTC is making the Palm Touch Pro (we knew this already), but that Palm will also be making a CDMA Touch Pro for Verizon and Sprint. While this is obviously good news for Palm users who have not yet jumped on the Treo 800w, it is rather a kick in the teeth to existing 800w users who have bought a device with not only dated styling but objectively inferior features such as a smaller battery and no 3.5mm headphone jack.

If Palm releases a CDMA Treo Pro in the next 6 months they are likely to see a lot of angry Treo 800w owners, and even the threat of the 800w being superseded soon may limit sales of the 800w. On the other hand, Palm could ensure the continuing success of the 800w by announcing they will sell a CDMA Treo Pro for $549 too 😉

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