CDMA Nokia 719c shows up in Chinese Certification


The Nokia 719c is a CDMA version of the Nokia Lumia 710, and we had been hoping it was heading to Verizon.

Now however the handset, with the Nokia 800c, has shown up for certification at the Chinese government radio management agency SRRC, confirming it is heading to that region.

WPDang reports the handset will lack the Clear Black screen of the Lumia 710, but will be running Windows Phone Tango and be a dual-mode GSM/CDMA device.

It is of course a real pity that these CDMA handsets have already been developed, and the US CDMA carriers have still not seen fit to make them available to their customers. Of course it is their loss if the same customers leave them for AT&T and T-Mobile to get their hands on the latest Windows Phones.