The events that make up our exciting Windows mobile life

Microsoft to skip E3 showfloor but will co-stream Xbox Games Showcase as part of E3 Digital

Microsoft confirmed it wouldn't be at the E3 showfloor this year but assured continuous support by saying it would co-stream…

2 weeks ago

Microsoft shares new accessibility efforts, highlights AI potential in 13th annual Ability Summit

Microsoft’s 13th annual Microsoft Ability Summit covered different accessibility projects it developed recently. Nonetheless, the main highlight of the event…

2 weeks ago

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo won’t join E3 this summer

The Big Three — Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo — reportedly won't participate in this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event.…

2 months ago

Winning Hackathon idea features family tech support via secure remote phone-to-phone access

Providing instructions over a call to resolve a phone-related issue has always been an issue for everyone, especially for tech-savvy…

4 months ago

Interesting Facts about TI 11

| Sponsored | The International always brings lots of interesting stuff, and this time has not become an exception. We…

5 months ago

Xbox FanFest Trivia 2022 is on November 12 and you are invited

If you are a total Xbox fan updated with all the news and games related to Xbox's platforms, you might…

5 months ago