Catan Anytime, The Online Version Of Board Game ‘The Settlers Of Catan’ Is Now Available For All Devices


8, 2014

Back in July, Microsoft released a preview version of “Catan Anytime,” a new social version of the beloved board game “The Settlers of Catan,” is available for free. This is game is developed to promote Internet Explorer, so it works in any modern browser with best experience on IE. Catan Anytime game developed to be fast, fluid and designed for touch making it easy to play the game from mobile browser to your TV screen with IE on XBOX. Catan Anytime game is now out of preview and available to play from any device.

Thank you to all the registered users who signed up for beta and gave us valuable feedback. This feedback helped us prioritize what new functionality to develop for Catan Anytime. We understand that balanced gameplay is key to any Catan experience – whatever the platform. So to present the best online experience we welcome feedback as we progressively evolve the game and enrich the player community.

So what’s new?

The web game is a modified version of The Settlers of Catan board game. We included the achievements like Longest Road, but some of the more advanced features are yet to come. For beginners, now Catan Anytime comes with a full set of tutorials accessible at any time. And to keep the game moving faster, we reduced 4:1 bank trading to be 3:1.

via: Windows team blog.

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