The Australian ratings board has leaked yet another upcoming game, this time revealing Konami’s Castlevania Advance Collection.

Given the name, it’s presumed that the Castlevania Advanced Collection will be an assortment of games released onto the Gameboy Advanced console, now collated and enhanced for a modern release. 

Developer M2 has been put in charge of developing the Castlevania Advance Collection for Konami and It’s no surprise that as there were also the talented hands behind the Castlevania Anniversary Collection which launched in 2019.

This isn’t the first time that something has been leaked through the Australian ratings board, with Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania being the most recent offender, which was spoiled a few days before its E3 reveal

While this rating is a good sign of the game’s existence, Konami has remained tight-lipped for now, and there’s no telling when we might hear more. It’s also currently unclear which platforms Castlevania Arcade Collection will release on, as the ratings board listing cites a multiplatform release.