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Video by Sitaniance

Case-mate, who is one of our sponsors, have a new collection of HTC HD2 cases. The ones I find particularly interesting, given the sleek looks of the HTC HD2, is the Barely There cases, which are made of impact resistant flexible plastic and only covers the back and corners of the HTC HD2.  The case however also comes with a full-face screen protector to provide all-round protection.

The video above shows the mirror version of the case in action, and Nightfire123 on XDA-Dev published this brief user review of the matt version.

He notes:

For me it was clear that I have to protect the camera and still have a sleek design.

The case itself comes in a plastic box with some micro fibre cleaning cloth and a screen protector.
There are no edges or burrs that could hurt the HD2. The whole case is covered with a rubber finish just like the HD2, but I don’t think as resistant (no scratches yet).

There are also some bad points I want to mention. If you want a case that you put on once and never/only a few times pull off, this is your way, but if you do it like me pull it off every day to put in a cradle you have to face some scratches on the original rubber on the hd2.

The screen protection is not so good; after two days there are a lot of scratches on it, so maybe I’ll peel it off.

It does fit the screen nicely however and there are no issues with the proximity sensor

I have to say that this is in my opinion the best way to protect the camera and to save the smart design of the beloved HD2.

See some of Nightfire’s pictures after the break.


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The Case-Mate Barely There case is £17.99 at here.

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