CarStand, full featured dashboard application for your car!




CarStand is Windows Phone 8 dashboard application for your car which is designed to give you quick information and access to basics while on the road. With CarStand you can easily program compatible NFC tags to start app automatically.

Here is a small list with some of the features of CarStand:

  • Dashboard to see current time, location, three hour forecast, battery and now playing song.
  • Assign up to four shortcuts to quickly launch apps and settings.*
  • Add contacts from address book to quick dial list or dial number directly from within the app.
  • Add your custom locations and navigate to them with one click.
  • Open detailed forecast with two finger tap or double tap on display.
  • Backgrounds change dynamically based on weather conditions.
  • Media player buttons to control now playing.**
  • Share current location.
  • Full landscape support.
  • Program NFC tags to start application automatically.

*Only apps that implement the interface for launching apps can be added to the list. If you want us to add app please contact us at or send feedback from within CarStand app. We will contact the developer of the app and will ask if it can be added.

**Media player can control only built-in XBOX music app!

CarStand is free application and you can find it here.
CarStand IconCarStand QRcode

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