Carriers told Nokia Symbian was not competitive, broadly positive about Windows Phone 7



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Stephen Elop has told Slashgear, contrary to long-standing beliefs, that the Finnish company did not have poor relationships with US carriers, but that they were let down by their Symbian OS.

“We don’t have bad relationships with carriers, we spoke throughout this process with them” he told us. “We have an obligation to put competitive products into the marketplace – we had a Symbian device which co-operatively we had worked with the AT&T folks” he suggested, likely referring to the leaked and later cancelled Nokia X7, “[AT&T] didn’t think it was competitive, relative to iPhone and Android; the indication from them was “you’re not going to get a lot of love, sorry” so we faced the decision, do we throw money at this or do we rethink?”

Stephen Elop last week said carriers were much more receptive to Windows Phone 7, saying reaction to the news of Nokia adopting Windows Phone had been broadly positive.

Nokia is now in talks with all of the major US carriers, with the possibility of a Verizon CDMA phone in the works.

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