CarrierIQ spyware now found on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian – only Windows Phone not implicated so far

Carrier IQ Part #2

We don’t know if its simply due to not being investigated yet, but so far only Windows Phone 7 appears not to be infected with the Carrier IQ software, which is installed on not just millions of Android and Blackberry devices, but also installed on iOS, so far thought to be immune due to Apple’s supervision.

It is interesting however that, once Apple became involved, the tone of the conversation suddenly changed, with chpwn, who found the software on iOS noting:

It appears that if you really care about this, Windows Phone 7 is the only mobile operating system without this installed. ;P However, I think the blame here really belongs with the US carriers who obviously demanded this: personally, I am completely fine with this data being sent off (especially if it helps AT&T’s network improve), but I would definitely prefer if it was more transparent — even if you can disable it with that toggle, Apple only explains that it “might contain location data”.

CarrierIQ is likely a carrier requirement, but no-one likes being spied on, and so far, as far as we know, the only platform free of this scrounge, which is installed on 142 million devices, is Windows Phone 7.

Users on other platforms are free to switch – I hear AT&T have some pretty good deals these days 😉