Carrier offers free Skype Qik video messages, but only to iOS and Android users




Windows Phone users have always had an uneasy relationship with Skype, Microsoft’s reluctant VOIP subsidiary.

It seems Skype’s carrier partners have picked up on this if Philippines carrier SMART’s new promotion is any indication.

SMART is offering free Skype Qik messaging to their subscribers for the next 3 months ending 30th June 2015.

The only catch, and only for Windows Phone users, is that the promotion does not include Windows Phone users, being specifically and exclusively only for iOS and Android users.

Strangely in the ads promotion the service SMART is happy to note that Qik is available for Windows Phone also, which I think in some ways makes it worse.


It certainly makes it very clear which smartphone operating system one should be choosing.

See a video promoting the service below, which also does not feature any Windows Phone handsets.

New Skype Qik video messaging is out!

Lucky iOS and Android users can read more about the service here.

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