Carrier billing in action on Windows Phone 7, provides an end-run around iTunes


5, 2010

Author Surur // in News


Steve Jobs always claims one the major advantages Apple and iTunes has over competitors is having the credit card numbers of 160 million.

One of the ways Microsoft aim to counter this is carrier billing, where (at least in US where Pay as you Go is uncommon) this means 80% of the 285 million cell phone users in USA will be able to pay for apps, games and music without even coming close to a credit card.

Paul Thurrot from Windows Phone Secrets posted this part of his cell phone bill showing charges of $4.28 for 3 games her purchased.  While he portrays it as a tale of woe, I think it is evidence of how Microsoft intends to make an end-run around Apple and its tiny collection of 160 million credit cards.

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