Carphone Warehouse does Microsoft’s job, tells punters to upgrade from Nokia Asha to Lumia 435

Microsoft Lumia 435 vs Nokia Asha 201 – Carphone Warehouse

There are literally hundreds of millions of people using Nokia feature phones, and Microsoft Mobile still sells more than 100 million of the handsets a year, though this is in rapid decline.

The Windows Phone business is of course not as robust, but Microsoft’s strategy of reducing the cost of their cheapest Lumias makes it clear that they are going after the same customers.

Microsoft has however done very little marketing directed at converting their feature phone buyers to smartphones, except for a trade-in program for their now defunct Nokia X series.

In the video above the Carphone Warehouse team takes on the job, explaining how the Lumia 435, which costs about the same as the Nokia Asha 201, is easier to use and offers better value for money.

I believe Microsoft needs to launch a similar concerted effort to convert their Nokia customers to Windows Phone customers, before they all evaporate into other ecosystems, by making it a no-brain decision to upgrade (e.g. via special discounts, transfer of contacts etc). Do our readers agree?