Care about download speeds? The iPhone X may not be for you

In 2007 Apple launched a phone with 2G and Edge, when 3G phones had already been well established, and when they introduced LTE with the iPhone 5 they were also several years behind their smartphone competition.

Just like the switch to 3G and LTE, there is currently a new speed revolution going on, but this one is of a lot lower profile. Gigabit LTE promises wire-line speeds on wireless networks, approaching the mythical 1000 megabits per second.

Of course in real-world conditions handsets will never get close, but gigabit LTE handsets can still expect double the speeds of older generation handsets. Older generation handsets like the recently launched iPhone X for example.

As with LTE and 3G, Apple has once again sat out a wireless generation, choosing to deliver new technology well after hungrier companies such as Samsung.

As can be seen in the video below, the Galaxy Note 8 with gigabit LTE smokes the iPhone X, and what is particularly interesting is that the advantages are not just available in gigabit LTE areas, but also other regions.

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There are still many publications calling the iPhone X the best smartphone in the world, but if you care about speeds and feeds, it has always been the case that it is better to look elsewhere.