The saga of the Tesla Model S vs the Porsche Taycan appears to have had somewhat of a conclusion after a German car reporter leaked a lap time for the Tesla Model S at Nürburgring.

Musk’s team has been testing an upgraded Model S at the famous track since last week after taking up the challenge of beating the $150,000+ Porsche Taycan.

Unfortunately, Tesla was part of the Industry Pool testing group, which meant they were forbidden from releasing any official track times. Most people, however, gave the Model S little odds of beating the sports car.

Today however we hear that a reporter from the German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport, managed to grab an unofficial track time by hand-timing a lap with Tesla’s new car.

“But what the new drive can do he has already shown on some very fast laps. Our observer reports a hand-stopped lap time of 7:23 minutes – as I said: hand-stopped with corresponding inaccuracies. But that would be about 20 seconds faster than that Porsche Taycan. The weather conditions on Monday (16.9.) were rather cool with 18 degrees and heavy cloud cover.”

Porsche famously managed a celebrated 7:42 minutes lap, which now, of course, looks slow in comparison. Musk, however, tweeted that this humiliation was “just the start”, saying the production version will be even better:

The “Plaid” Tesla Model S has an upgraded drive train with 3 motors (2 rear, 1 front), and the version seen in Germany had a new fascia, spoiler and other modifications, and was driven by Nordschleife expert Thomas Mutsch.

Tesla has said that the “plaid” Model S will be hitting the market late next year, will seat 7 in a 5 forward, 2 rear-facing configuration and will cost a bit more than a regular Model S, but cheaper than rival offerings. The “Plaid” power train will be available as a next-level option for the Model S, Model X and the new Roadster, but not the Model 3 or Y.

Tesla is expected to go for an official lap time tomorrow and could make a second attempt on Saturday. The company also promised to bring their new Roadster to Nürburgring sometime next year, like meaning, either way, Porsche’s record will soon be toast.