Caption Contest

This picture made us LOL, but we think our readers can do better.

Here are some captions by Surur and I:


Jobs: It only works if you hold it exactly like this.
Medvedev: In soviet Russian phones can make phone calls.


1: In the above image, you see Steve Jobs is  assisting Russian president Medvedev loss some bars, so Obama cannot get a hold of him when they are needed at war.

2:”We know how much you hate the US, so we have made a special edition for the US market of our iPhone to go with your specifications.”


Medvedev: So why do the signal bars keep disappearing when you hold the phone with your left hand?

Jobs: (Whispers) Shhhhh! It’s a new secret feature called  “iNag”

Medvedev: iNag what?

Jobs: iNag:when your wife/girlfriend calls you and starts chewing you out, just switch the phone to your left hand and voila! problem solved!

Medvedev: Genius!



Now its your turn. Comment below and tell us your caption for this image.

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