Captain Obvious: Cortana Will Expand To Windows And Xbox Platforms In The Future

Microsoft announced Cortana digital assistant with the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview. Lots of users are already using it in beta form around the world even though Microsoft has officially restricted the launch to the US. How about Cortana experience on Windows or Xbox? Microsoft has not revealed any info about it so far, but it is as obvious thing for Microsoft to expand this personalized service to all their platforms.

Recently, WPC forum member claiming to be a Microsoft employee revealed the following,

Cortana on Xbox One and Windows 8 PC’s
Yes, it’s coming, no, no ETA but I have been testing it on XB1 and it’s very neat, especially when playing a Halo game.

Microsoft’s Marcus Ash (Group Program Manager for Windows Phone) and Rob Chambers (Group Program Manager, Applications and Services Group) was at SMX Advanced conference talking about Cortana hinted the same,

Will Cortana jump off the phone to desktop, into cars, etc.?

I think it’s natural to think that an assistant that only runs on one device … the idea that she will be very pervasive is important to us. (He’s basically saying yes, you can assume Cortana will move beyond the phone.)

My predication is that Microsoft will bring Cortana in Windows along with the Windows Threshold update coming in the first half of next year. Microsoft will also bring Cortana to the living room via Xbox late this year or early next year.

What do you think?

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