Capcom reveals Resident Evil 7’s success and some disappointments for the last quarter

Just like EA’s earnings calls, Capcom also shared details about the success of Resident Evil 7 and some disappointments on their website. Let’s start off with the good news shall we? According to the company, Resident Evil 5 is almost at 10 million copies shipped. Resident Evil 6 is at 8 million and Resident Evil 7 is at 3.7 million. To date, the franchise has shipped over 78 million units altogether. Capcom want 4 million copies of Resident Evil 7 shipped by March 2017. This is all welcome news.

Now let’s discuss the disappointments. Street Fighter V launched with 1.4 million copies shipped during Q1 2016, below Capcom’s expectations. In March 2017, Street Fighter V was standing at 1.6 million. As of June 30, the game has climbed to 1.7 million but is still struggling. The fact that they alienated Xbox One owners didn’t win them any favors.

Dead Rising 4 isn’t doing too well too. Usually Capcom lists games which have shipped over 1 million units but the game isn’t among them. Capcom expected the title to reach 2 million but it’s definitely underperforming. According to SteamSpy, the Steam version only has around 55,000 owners. That’s shocking because you would expect PC gamers to buy this title in droves once it came to Steam. The fact that it’s not on PlayStation 4 is definitely hurting the game. While the game might have 1 million players, it definitely doesn’t mean it’s sold that many copies. I know many people who traded it in after beating the campaign which has no replay value unless you acquire the season pass.

Well, there you have it. While Resident Evil 7 is definitely a success for the company, their exclusive titles aren’t doing so well. Dead Rising 4 was a good game, but it didn’t blow you away. Street Fighter V was riddled with issues when it launched and that probably affected sales too. Here’s hoping that gamers give these titles a chance in the future. It’s great that Capcom is releasing Monster Hunter: World to everyone so that should help boost sales. The company should abandon exclusivity deals because they really aren’t working out for them given the fact that Dead Rising 4 and Street Fighter V weren’t really of the highest quality in terms of storytelling and technical prowess respectively.

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