Capcom is “looking into” Resident Evil Village PS4 and Xbox One versions



Capcom has stated that they’re “looking into” the possibility of creating a current-gen version of Resident Evil Village.

Revealed during the game’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 segment, the developer expressed interest in creating a version of the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems but it may not be possible.

Capcom did say that they cannot “promise anything” regarding a current-gen port as the game is still “being developed with next-gen [hardware] in mind.”

Previously, insiders revealed that Capcom did want to create an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of Resident Evil Village but that those versions had been scrapped due to performancee issues.

Capcom’s performance target for the Resident Evil franchise has been at 60fps for all games following Resident Evil 7. While Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake might not have hit that target on base Xbox One and PS4, it still ran at a higher framerate than most.

With Resident Evil 8 presumably designed for the same performance target for much better CPUs, there’s certainly a reason why current-gen hardware may not be able to run the game.

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