Can’t find the time to play your Xbox One X? Microsoft has you covered with a personal butler


9, 2017

Did you just buy the Xbox One X but can’t find the time to play it? Microsoft has got you covered with a new promotion it’s running. Let your adult responsibilities fall to a butler as you game on the most powerful console ever.

If you live in  Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland then Xbox Nordic is offering you the chance of a life time. With the launch of its ButlerService, you can enter to win a butler for one week. As Xbox Nordic puts it, “No more shall a lovely Forza race be interrupted by a stinking pile of laundry, a wonderful game of Shadow of War be ruined by a sink full of dishes or an amazing mission in Assassin’s Creed be pushed aside by dirty windows.”

The list of chores that your butler can help you with is quite extensive, covering everything from tidying up, walking the dog, picking up food, vacuuming, and even just house sitting. If there’s an unfinished chore around your house that you’ve been putting off, the butler will be able to do it.

This contest was set up in collaboration with advertising agency Marvelous. You’ll need to enter the contest by November 30 on the XboxButler website. Doing so will give you the chance to win a butler for two four-hour periods over the course of a week. Eight whole hours of uninterrupted gaming sure seems like a good deal, especially when you don’t need to worry about cleaning the house.

Via Windows Central

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