Cancelled Goldeneye 007 Xbox 360 remaster has leaked online


3, 2021

Rare’s unfortunately cancelled Xbox 360 remaster of the Nintendo 64 first-person shooter Goldeneye 007 has leaked online. 

While development of the Goldeneye 007 remaster was completed in 2008, the title was cancelled following a dispute over the game’s shared rights between Microsoft, Activision and Nintendo.

VGC reports that the current build that’s been leaked online does include a fully remastered campaign and multiplayer and is fully playable on the PC Xbox 360 emulator Xenia.

In the remaster, players have the option to play the game with Rare’s remastered visuals or revert back to the original release’s chunky Nintendo 64 graphics.

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Goldeneye wasn’t the only Nintendo 64 shooter that Rare remastered on the Xbox 360. With no rights issues in the way, the developer released a full remaster of Perfect Dark which featured the same enhancements as the cancelled Goldeneye project. This remaster would later be included in the fantastic Rare Replay compilation.

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