Canalys: Windows Phone ahead of iOS in 19 countries, grew 185%

imageCanalys has now also weighed in with their Q3 2013 numbers, and it confirms, like others, that Windows Phone growing well.

According to Canalys iOS and Android market share remained static, but Windows Phone grew 185% to take 4% market share, selling 9.2 million handsets.

Canalys also revealed than Windows Phone was the second biggest mobile OS in 19 countries, including Finland, with a 39 percent share, Vietnam (16 percent), Italy (15 percent), Thailand (11 percent), Turkey (11 percent), and Russia (8 percent).

“Nokia’s new Lumia handsets will help shore up this position in the holiday quarter, but Microsoft and Nokia must ensure that momentum is kept up well into the New Year as the acquisition goes through to completion,” Canalys Analyst Jessica Kwee said in a statement.

Going along with Nokia’s trend for larger-screened devices, Canalys also confirmed that 22% of smartphones now had screens bigger than 5 inches, though only 3% had screens bigger than 6 inches.

More than 250 million smartphones were shipped in Q3, with Greater China (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) accounting for nearly 100 million units for 64% growth and 39% of the market.

Latin America had the second highest growth rate, at 59 percent, though it is the smallest region, with 19 million units shipped.