Canalys finds Google falling way behind in smart speaker race



There was a time when it looked like Google was poised to sweep the floor with Amazon when it came to the smart speaker market, but analyst company Canalys has found this it is the Mountain View company which is currently being left far behind.

Their numbers for Q3 2019 shows Google’s sales and market share both falling dramatically, from 5.9 million devices to 3.5 million and from 29.8% of the market to only 12.3%.

This is in part due to competition from a variety of other small players, but 50% of the growth in the market came from Amazon, who’s Echo speakers grew from 6.3 to 10.4 million devices YoY, growing its market share from 31.9 to 36.6% of the market.

Given that some OEMs would only be popular in China, this would suggest an even bigger rout for Google in the West.

Smart speaker analysis by Canalys has found smart speakers with displays were becoming increasingly popular, growing 500% YoY,  but still only a small segment of the market, with Chinese company Baidu seemingly outperforming the market.

“The Echo Show 5 smart display contributed significantly to Amazon’s success in Q3, making up 16% of Amazon’s overall global shipments and it became the best shipping smart display of all the brands,” said Canalys research analyst Cynthia Chen. “Despite smart displays gaining importance in vendors’ strategies, consumer price sensitivity and pragmatic use cases remain key challenges to be solved.”

Amazon has of course been leaning heavily into the smart speaker market, announcing a massive number of products recently.

As someone with 4 Echo speakers in my home, 3 with displays, and only 1 sad Google Home, which I never use, the smart speaker analysis does reflect my own evaluation of the market.

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Via Pocketnow

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