Canalys says close to 10 million Windows Phones shipped in total, Nokia grabbed 50% of Q4 2011 Windows Phone shipments

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Canalys have released their 2011 and Q4 2011 estimates, and have for the first time placed a solid number on Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 shipments.

They note 2.5 million Windows Phones were shipped in Q4 2011, with 1.2 million of those being by Nokia, giving it 48% of the market, remarkably close to the 45% we estimated from other data.

They also demolish the notion that Nokia shipped more Meego powered Nokia N9’s than Lumia handsets, saying only 0.6 million of those handsets were shipped then, close to the 0.5 million estimated by

Canalys says about Nokia:

“Its first Windows Phone products, the Lumia 800 and 710, along with the recently announced Lumia 900 through AT&T in the US, have improved the outlook for Nokia,” said Canalys Senior Analyst, Tim Shepherd. “They are well-designed, competitive devices that demonstrate innovation is still alive within Nokia. But the battle is not over and it has huge challenges ahead. Nokia must continue to build out its Lumia portfolio with devices tailored to address all price points and all the markets in which it aims to compete. It must hasten its transition from Symbian to Windows Phone around the world and, with Microsoft, promote and generate excitement for the platform and new products. And it must succeed in attracting more developers to build high quality, locally relevant apps.”

In total Canalys estimates 6.8 million Windows Phones were shipped in 2011, a pretty low number. With 2.85 million handsets shipped at launch in Q4 2010, that bring a total of around 9.65 million handsets shipped so far.

In total Windows Phone holds 1.6% of the market.  This should increase in 2012 as Nokia increases its roll-out and Windows Phone itself rolls out to more countries such as China in the middle to later part of the year.

Read the full report at Canalys here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.