Canalys estimates Windows Phone grew 27% between Q4 2012 and Q1 2013


13, 2013

  Q4 2012 Q4 share Q1 2013 Q1 Share  
Android 149.8 69.2% 163.5 75.6% 9%
iPhone 47.8 22.1% 36.8 17.0% -23%
Windows Phone 5.1 2.4% 6.5 3.0% 27%
Other 13.8 6.4% 9.5 4.4% -31%
Total 216.5   216.3    

Canalys, who has been coy with their estimates of Windows Phone market share numbers for Q1 2013, has now revealed in an interview the OS had 3% of worldwide shipments in the quarter.

That is up from 2.4% the previous quarter in what was otherwise a flat market.

Actual shipments were 6.5 million units, up from 5.1 million in Q4 2012, equating to a 27% increase in shipments, making Windows Phone the fastest growing OS sequentially. Unfortunately Canalys numbers for Q1 2012 are not available.

With Nokia by their own account accounting for 5.6 million of those shipments, that leaves HTC, Samsung and others with a rather small 0.9 million slice of the pie.

Nokia has expressed confidence that their sales momentum will hold into Q2 2013, suggesting we can expect around 8 million Windows Phones shipped in Q2 2013.

IDC has also not released specific numbers for Windows Phone, and Gartner are still to release their Q1 2013 estimates, though they are expected soon.


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