Canalys confirms Nokia now the 4th largest OEM in USA in Q3



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canalys_logo_2011_3D_vector_tag_CMYKThe full Canalys report is now available, and it confirms the recent report by Counterpoint Research that Nokia is now the 4th largest smartphone OEM in USA, with Research Director Nicole Peng, saying:

‘Samsung was the leading vendor across all regions except North America, where Apple held the top spot. These two vendors account for almost 70% of the market there. LG held onto third place in North America, while Nokia has moved from eighth to fourth place after making gains from its competitors with its new flagship products, the Lumia 1020 and 925.’

The research company also had high hopes for Nokia’s new flagship handsets.

‘The 6″-plus segment will be boosted next quarter by Nokia’s arrival, but this market won’t develop quickly unless Samsung invests marketing dollars to push its Galaxy Mega range,’ said Jingwen Wang, Research Analyst.

They explained the appeal of large screened smartphones in Asia Pacific by noting that low PC and home broadband penetration, a high level of mobile network use, and low Wi-Fi network penetration in these countries limit the presence and functionality of Wi-Fi tablets. At the same time, many consumers in these countries are price-sensitive, so domestic vendors have been successful with affordable large-screen smart phones – a phenomenon that is less visible in other regions.

After Greater China, the second largest region was Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where 56 million units shipped, representing year-on-year growth of 22%. Here, Samsung leads with nearly a 50% share, while Apple follows far behind with 13%. Sony, Nokia and LG retained their positions.

Apple trails in Latin America, where it has only a 5% share and is in seventh place. Here, LG, with 10%, falls far behind Samsung; TCL-Alcatel makes an appearance in third place, followed by Nokia and Huawei.

Worldwide, though, Canalys expects smart phones with screens between 4.1″ and 5″ will be most popular with consumers in 2014 as they offer the best balance between portability and legibility.

Read the full report here.

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