Canadian Windows Phone 7 launch plagues by stock shortages, T-Mobile HTC HD7 selling out too?



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A line waiting to buy Windows phone 7 handsets

A crowd lining up in front of a Telus store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre where Windows phone 7 buyers also received a free Xbox 360 Slim 4GB.

RGBFilter reports that the Canadian Windows phone 7 launch is going far from smoothly. It appears not all models advertised initially will be available on day one, with the LG Optimus 7 not being available in Telus stores for example.

The Samsung Focus was also running low on Rogers, despite being $100 more expensive than the other handsets on the carrier.

Back in USA we have also received reports that the HTC HD7 has run out on and T-Mobile telesales.

In general is seems both carriers and OEMs have underestimated demand for Windows Phone 7, something which will likely not be repeated for the second round of Windows phone 7 handsets.

Read more about the Canadian Windows phone 7 launch at RGBFilter here.

Thanks NotebookGrail for the tip.

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