Can you marry your first cousin in Illinois? How about Nevada?

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Cousinosity v0.3 is now in the Marketplace! While v0.1 was merely a humble implementation of subtraction, v0.3 includes a slew of new features. Spend minutes investigating the bizarre laws governing first cousin marriage in the US! Read about “double cousins” in the Wikipedia. Start with “fourth cousin six times removed” and figure out where the nearest common ancestor is!

Cousinosity is the largest collection of facts about cousins you weren’t sure you wanted to know!

On a more serious note, it is amazing how flexible and forgiving Microsoft’s tools are. If you have an idea, you can build it. The beautiful metro design language is consistently built in, making visual design friendly and relatively painless. Download the SDK, watch some videos at Channel 9, and start writing apps!

Cousinosity is free and can be found on in Marketplace here.