You can now use OneNote 2016 on your Surface Laptop

While Microsoft let Office users download and use the Office desktop apps on their Windows PCs, when it came to OneNote users were limited to the streamlined Windows Store version of OneNote, as opposed to the bloated legacy version of OneNote.

For users who need legacy OneNote for one reason or another, Microsoft is making a centennial version of this app available to download and install in the Store.

Microsoft says the link is limited to Surface Laptops for now, but Microsoft blogger Thurrott reports being able to install it on another Windows 10 S enabled device. In theory, this should work for all Store units. Microsoft also warns users against using this app, noting that it is experimental and that the recommended version is, in fact, the OneNote Store app. Your mileage will vary on how helpful you find that advice.

You can find out more from the Office help link below.