You can now try on clothes at home with the help of your Xbox One


8, 2015


Even though high-tech fitting rooms aren’t anything new, most of them found their places at retail locations. Now though, with a new shopping app called The Mall, you can try on clothes from the comfort of your own home. The app has launched today in the US with a selection of brands like SoccerPro, Style PB, Grayers and Go2Games and will expand their wardrobe as they go.

If you manage to stumble upon something you’d fancy buying, you can use the PowaTag app to do so. The payments are made by scanning an on-screen or physical QR code tag. In case you’ve been using PowaTag on your mobile devices, it remembers your shipping and payment info and thus eliminates the need of typing all of that in on your Xbox.

Creating an experience like this is possible mainly thanks to the Kinect’s motion tracking camera and the app’s virtual wardrobe technology. The app has launched with the help of Von Bismark, a Dublin-based TV e-commerce company and veteran of Microsoft Ventures.

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