You can now reddit on the Xbox One with Baconit for Windows 10 (Preview users only)


Windows may not have the strongest “social” app ecosystem, but it has one of the strongest app ecosystems for reddit, a popular internet community site.

One of these powerful Windows apps – Baconit – has finally made the jump from Windows 10 to the Xbox One in the past few hours, marking it as one of the first few Universal apps on the Xbox One’s new Store.

There’s a catch though, you’ll have to be on the Xbox One’s preview program and running Windows 10 version 1608 for the Xbox One. Once those conditions are fulfilled you should be able to find Baconit ether via store  search, or via the ready to install page.

While we have not been able to use the app ourselves personally, a report from a user claims that the app is stable for the most part, with some crashes here and there. While some users may find this disappointing, it is still just a preview at the moment, and both Microsoft and the app devs can make some changes to improve the app in the next few days.

Interested in redditing from your PC, Surface, Lumia instead? Get Baconit from the link below:

Developer: Quinn Damerell
Price: Free