Campfire leaks suggest Windows 10 Dual Boot may become a common feature of Chromebooks


13, 2018

Author Surur // in Google, News

It was recently revealed that Google was working on  a project called Campfire for their Pixelbook which would enable users to dual-book into Windows 10 without having to jump through special hoops.

Now XDA- Developers report that this does not appear to be a unique feature for just Pixelbooks and that Google may be making it a wider feature available to more OEMs, with various variants of Campfire (related to different hardware devices) showing up on Github.

XDA-Dev reports that it would require a somewhat higher-end Chromebook to enable the feature, with at least 40 GB of storage free, meaning most cheaper Chromebooks with only 32 GB storage need not apply.

It would otherwise be simple however and would not require developer mode to enable support. As a fully supported solution, Google is also expected to keep the firmware in those Chromebooks updated, much like Apple does Bootcamp on MacOS devices.

Similar to Bootcamp, Campfire would increase the value of Chromebooks by giving users more flexibility and an option of escaping the confines of ChromeOS, which makes sense for high-end Chromebooks which can cost more than most Windows laptops.

Read more detail about the development at XDA-Developers here.

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