Calories: read nutritional values, check your weight and much more on your WP8

Calories allows you to check your diet and get in shape!

With this app you can monitor everythings you eat, with almost 800 items (McDonald’s too) including food and drink.

In the main menu, you can search easily your food by its category. Once found, you can read its calories per 100 grams (or 10 cl for drinks). It’s present also a basic calculator to calculate calories on different quantity. And if that was not enough, swipe on the right and read more information about your food: fat, protein and carbs are shown through pie chart. Swipe again and you see a list of sports (more than 25) with the playing time needed to lose calories indicated. *

In the second section of the main menu, you can found a lot of calculators: daily calories requirement, BMI, amount of calories you ate today and your ideal weight. There is also a new feature: if you do not want to write everytime your personal information, you can save them and fields will be always precompiled. A message will ask you if you want save them at the appropriate time.

Do another swipe in the main menu, and a list of  search methods is shown: general search, search by category or complete list of all items. There is also a “favourites” menu: you can add food to favourites in its details.

Swipe one more time and you are now in Extra section.  This Extra features are:

1) calendar, that allow you to save all what you eat day by day. *

2) In exclusive for italian user, list of special cakes. *

3) A section that allow you to send your food at developer. After max 2 hours, you can see the sent food in the app.

New features are coming, like diets.

Early I talked about saving personal information. In this menu, accessible via AppBar, you can also insert your weight one time for day, and app will show you a chart with your weight trend.*

App available for all WP8 devices, in all countries.

Download it for free here.

*features reserved for Premium user. Become Premium user with small donation of 0.99€/$ – 0.79£