Infinity Ward just can’t decide whether it wants Call of Duty: Warzone trios to be a thing or not.

After removing Call of Duty: Warzone trios from the popular battle royale game just yesterday, Infinity Ward has done a 180-degree turn, gave us all the sexy finger guns – plus a smug wink – and gone, “Don’t worry, baby. I gotchu.”

So, while the CoD developer did remove Call of Duty: Warzone trios from the game in favour of Scopes and Scatter Guns, ft they’re will be a playlist update tonight that adds the three-person team mode back to the game. Phew, what would we do without it.

“We hear you loud and clear!” Infinity Ward said on Twitter. “We’ll be doing a playlist update tomorrow night, Thursday, April 16th at 11PM PST that brings BR Trios back to Warzone.”

That means those of us who live in jolly ol’ England with a distinct lack of jolly – only partially due to the removal of trios – will have to wait until 7am tomorrow to parachute down with just two of the boys.

As it stands now, CoD: Warzone is currently home to over 50 million players across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s a big boy.