Whether it’s the infinite stim glitch, invincibility via contracts or just another broken gun, there always seems to be something up with Call of Duty: Warzone

This time around it’s the latter, with an obscenely broken pair of pistols that were added to the game. 

The latest gun introduced, the  Skyov Postol, which can be dual-wielded with the akimbo perk, features a colossal 80 round drum mag and a minuscule time to kill thanks to decent damage and an insane fire rate. 

Churning out bullets at a rate of 880 a minute between both your hands, Call Of Duty YouTuber JGOD calculated a time to kill of just 477-614 milliseconds. And that’s just with one hand. When dual-wielding, that time drops down to merely 239-307ms, which he appropriately calls “(Broken)”.

There’s currently no word on if anything will actually happen to this deadly little pistol, but with its current lethality, changes are likely coming soon, especially if this pistol becomes a prevalent problem. 

Chances are with just how busted they are, they might be removed, much like an accidental crossbow, to be retooled and rebalanced. For now, though, it’s probably best to enjoy these bullet hoses while you can.