Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two launches soon


10, 2020

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Season Two of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches tomorrow, February 11th, with brand new maps, modes, an all-new Battle Pass, and the return of an old friend.

The new season also offers more ribbons for players to earn, new challenges to complete, and new missions in both Multiplayer and Special Ops.

Ghost, everyone’s favourite Modern Warfare 2 Operator, will make his triumphant return, although he’s limited to those who purchase the Battle Pass. Both he and a new Operator Mission unlock at Tier 0, making him an instant unlock for all buyers.

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In Season Two, Al-Qatala agents have stolen a Soviet nuclear warhead and smuggled it into the city of Verdansk. Combined with previously obtained chemical gas, Al-Qatala is determined to cut off Verdansk from the rest of the world. On the brink of a global catastrophe, Captain Price sends in Ghost to track down the location of the warhead and lead key Operators before it’s too late.

Some of the new maps in Multiplayer, Ground War, and Gunfight include the classic map that is Rust, the new Atlas Superstore, Khandor Hideout, Zhokov Boneyard, and Bazaar.

While there’s no battle royale mode, Gunfight Tournaments and Call of Duty League Ruleset Playlist modes will be available at launch. Demolition, Infected Ground War, and NVG Reinforce will join the game midway through the season.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two should launch on February 11th at 10am PT/1pm ET. For more information on what to expect when the game launches, including what benefits you get for buying a Battle Pass, you can follow the link here. Happy gaming!

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